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Company Profile of Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.

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Shaanxi is one of the important places of origin for Chinese culture. On this ancient and energetic piece of land, there are splendid and centuries long history and culture as well as rich and quality natural coal resources. The known coal reserve of Shaanxi reached 170 billion tons; three out of the 13 large-scale coal bases of the national plan are located in Shaanxi. The headquarter of Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. is located in the capital city of Shaanxi Province – Xi’an.

In February 2004, by integrating 10 key state owned coal enterprises, such as Tongchuan Bureau of Mines in Shaanxi that used to belong to the previous Ministry of Coal Industry, Shaanxi Coal Industry Group was established. In June 2006, it reorganized with Weihe Coal Chemical Corporation Group etc key coal and chemical industry group in the province and formed Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group. In 2008, the group company realized 23.5 billion yuan, ranking 243 out of the fortune 500 of Chinese enterprises, climbing 66 positions comparing to last year.

As an important industry base, coal exploration as an important industry base of Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group has gone through almost 60 years of its journey accompanying the establishment of the new China. After generations of hard working and selfless dedication, there has been a team of persistent, highly skilful, carefully managed and highly efficient coal exploration force.

Upon entering a new era, the scientific development point of view has injected fresh vigour and energy into Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group. The group company fully utilizes the policy support from the state government and government of Shangxi Province. We persisted on the synchronised development of the old and new companies and established the coal industry development pattern of ‘revitalize the Wei north old region, expand Binhuang west region, and strengthen Shanbei new region’. Hongliuling and Ningtiaota etc mines have annual output of over 10 million tons per mine and have advanced technology in the world. With the construction and production of such large-scale modernized mines, the group company is advancing rapidly on the way to be a coal group with 100-million tons’ output level.

While changing the old mines and constructing the new ones, the group company take advantage of the solid scientific research basis and optimal basic resources allocation, focus on independent innovation and safe development, fully promote the construction of environmentally friendly mines with safe features. Promote the safety technology reform focusing on gas control, largely increase the mechanization level of exploration and excavation, proactively set up role model of digital mines.

From the homeland of Sima Qian by the side of Yellow River to the Huang Di Mausoleum by the side of Qiaoshan; from the rich and abundant earth of Guanzhong to Shanbei Loess Plateau, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group has always been responsible for the historical responsibilities of protecting the local environment and benefit the San Qin people, rationally using resources and seeking sustainable development. Strict implement the emission and discharge standards, comprehensively use coal gangue and coal slimes at newly built and reformed mines, recycling industrial waste-water and underground water through environment protection process etc a series of measures. Rely on scientific progress, promote energy saving and emission reduction, achieve clean exploration and green production.

The annual output of coal of the group company increased from 20 million tons in 2004 to 60.4 million tons in 2008, achieving an outstanding performance of double the output in 4 years, ranking no.5 of the national coal production enterprises.
Targeting the main industry of coal and chemical industry, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group formulated 5 types of industrial technology paths upon research.

Fertilizer Industry with Coal as Raw Material. Through the Weihe Chemical Industry and Huashan Chemical Industry etc enterprises, the group company will enhance its competitiveness by technology reform and its fertilizer production capability will be more than 2 million tons by the 12th Five Year Plan.

Coal Coking Chemical Industry. Through industry technology upgrade, integrating small coal coking, discarding out-dated production, the group company formed scale effects and recycling economic industry chain. Start building the biggest unit factories with annual production of 5.2 million tons of coke, 600,000 tons of methanol and coal tar comprehensive utility project in Hancheng and Huangling. By the 12th Five Year Plan, the coke production capacity will be more than 10 million tons.

The Coal-salt Chemical Industry. In 2008, by reorganizing Beiyuan Chemical Industry, the group company invested and built 1 million large-scale PVC project and upstream & downstream recycling economic industry chain. When the construction finishes in 2011, it will be one of the most competitive recycling economic demonstration projects in the industry.

Coal-Based Methanol Deep Processing Industry. The group company will extend the methanol industry chain and develop fine chemical engineering products as an important means of coal chemical industry development. The Weihua Phase Three acetic anhydride joint production acetic acid project, Shanhua BDO project, Pucheng clean energy projects all start to construct. By the 12th Five Year Plan, the output capacity of methanol will reach 10 million tons, and the output capacity of olefin will reach 3 million tons.
Coal Carbonization to Liquid Industry. In 2008, through reorganizing, the company owned the Fuyou Company and Tianyuan Company that have the coal low to medium temperature carbonization and independent ownership technology of coal tar oil hydrogenation, invested and built large-scale coal carbonization and coal tar processing demonstration project. Currently, the 500,000 tons of coal tar oil hydrogenation fuel oil of Tianyuan Company has been put into production; the construction of 1.2 million tons of low temperature carbonization demonstration project of Fuyou Company is being accelerated. After successful demonstration, they will be promoted and applied on a large-scale. By 2012, the annual output of oil will reach 4 million.

Strengthening the research and development of scientific technology and promoting technological advancement is the inevitable path of develop coal chemical companies rapidly and efficiently. The group company keeps increasing independent innovative abilities, construct and optimize technology innovation system combining production, study and research. Jointly built the state level methanol-to-olefin lab and Shaanxi Coal & Chemical Industry Technological Engineering Centre with Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics , Chinese Academy of Sciences; their DMTO engineering technology reached leading international level. Meanwhile, upon integrating coal chemical industry research and development resources in the province, established Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Technology Development Centre; participated in the construction of Shaanxi Province Energy Chemical Engineering Technology Research Institute and Province Research Institute of Recycling Economy; currently setting up coal carbonization and coal tar processing research development centre. Keep grasping pioneering technology, lay a solid foundation of changing increase method, realizing industry upgrade, provide strong technical support to the enlargement and expansion of coal transformation and coal chemical industry.

Focusing on coal exploration and coal chemical two industries, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Company set up a diversified development strategic pattern. (Packaged with dynamic picture)

In heavy industry equipment manufacturing area, the group company integrated and reorganized all the machinery manufacturing enterprises in subsidiary mining bureaus (companies) on the basis of Xi’an Coal Mining Mechanic Company and Shaanxi Construction Machinary , and formed Xi’an Heavy Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Company, conducted research and production of coal mine mechanical excavation equipment, construction equipments, road pavement equipments.

In construction area, through integrating internal advantage resources, the group company formed large-scale comprehensive construction company with mining construction characteristics, Shaanxi Coal Chemical Construction Group.

In power generation industry, the group company fully take advantage of its resources, and actively develop gangue power generation factories and gas power generation factories. Selectively participate in mine mouth power generation, develop large-scale coal-electricity integrated project. By the end of the 11th Five Year Plan, the group resource comprehensive use of power generation factories and joint venture of mine mouth power generation will reach a total power generation capacity of 5 million kilowatts.

The leaders of the group are fully aware of the long-term development of the group is related to the logistic system and decisively propose to enhance the competitiveness of the company through building large modern logistics. On the basis of fully utilizing previous rail exclusive lines, actively join in the national railway construction. Meanwhile, expand market radius scope by constructing logistic centres at ‘seaside, lakeside, riverside’.

Finance is the strategic resource supporting the rapid development of modern enterprises. Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group seek to cooperate with financial enterprises actively. It holds Kaiyuan Securities Brokerage, participates in Chang’an Bank, Happy Life Insurance etc financial companies; obtained over 50 billion yuan of credits from China Development Bank, Bank of China, ICBC etc; applied for short-term financing bills, financial leasing etc financing method to increase financing. Meanwhile set up Shaanxi Coal Company Limited, and actively seek to get listed on the coal board to build a financing platform for the group to achieve rapid development.

Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group has always been focusing on people and setting the improvement of employees’ working and living conditions as their priority in sharing the development of the group company. Recently, employees’ salaries have increased a lot, the governing of mining area collapsing and shanty area has been accelerated. High standard employee houses are built at the construction speed of over 1 million square meters.

Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group actively fulfils its social responsibilities and donated over 70 million yuan to society in the past two years.

Unambiguous ownership, quality assets, strong business and highly efficient operation attracted many large state-owned enterprises, local government, top privately owned enterprises to cooperate with Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group comprehensively, and strategically; it enabled the company to obtain huge amount of development capital and increased management capabilities. Meanwhile, the group company actively walked out of the country to get resources from various channels, expand overseas market and march steadily in the process of becoming more international. The sales revenue of the group company increased from 6.7 billion yuan on the year of establishment to 23.5 billion yuan in 2008, doubled the amount every two years.

People at Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group are progressive and endeavor to be outstanding; they insisted on the company core value of being practical, responsible, honest and cooperative, focusing on the overall target of the national economic construction and the grand blueprint of Shaanxi Province’s constructing ‘strong western province’; they are keen on making the right judgment of time and progress with the new era, marching towards the target of achieving 50 billion yuan by the end of the 11th Five Year Plan and they set up the grand target of achieving 20 million yuan in sales revenue by 2015, becoming one of the top 500 enterprises of the world and forge Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group as a first rate safe energy saving, environmentally friendly energy chemical industry enterprise.

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